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by Michael Wassil


Volume One - Introduction


Number of the Lamb, Number of the Beast

1.1 The Holy Book
1.2 The Riddles of Revelation
1.3 Breaking the Code

Quest for Method

2.1 What Happened to Love?
2.2 The Conqueror
2.3 Path of Love
2.4 The Metaphysic of Ecstasy

New Age Beginning

3.1 The Source
3.2 Lust/Love/Ecstasy

Prodigal Son/Daughter

4.1 Original Sin
4.2 Hymn of the Pearl
4.3 Process of Consciousness
4.4 The Fullness of Life

Drama of Consciousness

5.1 The Drama
5.2 Principle Roles

The Angelic Host

6.1 Libido
6.2 Energy Transformations
6.3 Supporting Roles

The Energy Body

7.1 The Throne
7.2 Self Expression
7.3 The Aion


8.1 Roots of Christianity
8.2 The Temple
8.3 The Tree of Life

The Ascent of Love

9.1 Narcissism
9.2 The Cult of Chastity
9.3 Secrets of Intimacy

Volume Two - Self Realization

(A new translation of the Apocalyspe of John with commentary)

10.1 Prologue

10.2 Seven Meditations on the Energy Body

10.3 The Energy Body

10.4 Seven Abilities

Self Realization of the Personality

(A reconstruction of the apocalyptic source) Self Realization of the Personality




Selected Bibliography

About the Author

1. A Personal Vignette
2. An Illumination
3. A Vision
4. An Awakening
5. An Understanding
6. Close Encounters
7. Self Recognition
8. Armageddon
9. Other Stuff I'd Like You to Know


Frontespiece 1 Gnostic Chart Concealed in the Apocalypse 2 The Numbers of the Names 3 The Cubicle City Unfolded 4 Levels of Consciousness 5 Self Expression 6 Tantric Energies 7 Faculties and Correspondances 8 Faculties 9 Chakras 10 Abilities 11 Faculties and Abilities 12 The Energy Body 13 Key to Apocalyptic Terms 14 The Aion 15 The Exoteric Temple 16 Solomon's Seal 17 Solomon's Seal Revealed 18 The Esoteric Temple 19 Tree of Life 20 Apocalyptic Dramatis Personae 21 Levels of Love Current Status of Dance of Ecstasy Your feedback and comments are welcome