Dance of Ecstasy is a work in progress. That means it is not complete. Why not? I'm a human being with a job and other things on my plate. Why am I publishing it on the web in its incomplete state? I have been working on this off and on for so long that I could not put it off any longer. This is important information that I think people ought to know about.

What still needs to be finished:

1. Notes: Most of the notes are completed but not yet uploaded. I am incorporating the citations from the quoted works into each note.

2. Greek Text: These are .gif files and only the ones corresponding to the translation that is complete are done.

3. Translation: This is the major work still incomplete. I have finished about half of the text so far. As I finish more I will upload it, so you will not have to wait until it is completely finished before seeing more of it.

4. The Apocalyptic Source: This will be completed along with the translation, since it is simply a compilation of the translated lines without all the interspersed commentary.

5. Chapter 9, The Ascent of Love. I have been putting this off for some time. It is not a big priority until the translation is finished.

6. Glossary, Epilogue, and Bibliography: Finished, but not uploaded yet.

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