Self Realization of the Personality, or

1, 1. The realization of the integral self:

that state of personal consciousness which is awakened to the perception of self awareness that must soon be expressed.

Integrity reveals itself through its identity as the personality, 2 who is proof of the individuality of consciousness and evidence of the integral self, and everything perceived.

3. Ecstatic is whoever discerns, and whoever comprehends his individuality, and sustains the sexual polarity that maintains it! It is outside of time!

4. The personality exhibits seven states of consciousness which animate incarnation, from what is, what was, and is coming; and from the seven abilities which are of the energy body; 5 and from the integral self, the faithful witness, first aroused of the dormant faculties, and principle efficacy over the autonomous traits and instincts.

That identity loves and objectifies the personality from its ignorance in its own understanding, 6 and makes it self conscious; that identity the abilities and faculties manifest throughout the aeon.

7. Integrity is known through inspiration and every faculty shall perceive it, and the phenomena also which obscured it.

8. The source and completion is self consciousness, which is, which was, and is coming, the all-encompassing.

9. The personality, its partner in the objectification and the realization of the integral self, introspects by means of proper breathing its individuality and the perception of integrity. 10 The personality is absorbed in self consciousness and comprehends by an ability, an objectifying power. 11 What it perceives within itself are the seven states of consciousness which animate its incarnation: the root, the genitals, the navel, the heart, the throat, the brow and the crown.

12. The personality turns inwards to perceive the ability by which it comprehends, and turning perceives seven conscious abilities, 13 and in the midst of the seven conscious abilities integrity, activating creative energy from the root and manifesting conscious sexuality. 14 Integrity remembers, and understands with intuitive efficacy. 15 It's foundation is fluidity of thought, and its ability generates the psyche. 16 Integrity commands the seven modalities and expresses discrimination. Intuition is its strength.

17. The personality sleeps, but when awakened is guided by integrity. Integrity is the first and the last, 18 the self conscious. For personality it became dormant. It is self conscious throughout the aeon and has the key to the unconscious and ignorance.

19. Contemplate this knowledge, and that which is, and what is about to be.

2, 1. Loving animates the root state of consciousness. Integrity commands the seven modalities and is active through the seven abilities of consciousness.

2. Memory is its work, its labour and its patience and it can not bear ignorance. It tests the pretensions of truth and which have it not, finds them false. 3 It preserves; and for individuality's sake it recalls and is not wearied. 4 But it becomes lust. 5 Remember whence it is descended, change and love; but if not, integrity appears suddenly and disrupts this ability.

7. Who understands, understands the creativity of the states of consciousness. Through love comes self realization.

8. Thinking animates the genital state of consciousness. Integrity, which was dormant, is self conscious.

9. Reason is its work, and irrational dogmas profanities with claims of truth, but which are ignorance. 10 Fear not what the personality is about to undergo. Objectification comes. Endure to the end and shall come the mastery of all psychic energies.

11. Who understands, understands the creativity of the states of consciousness. Love will not regress into unselfconsciousness.

12. Willing animates the solar plexus state of consciousness. Through it integrity actualizes discrimination.

13. Volition is its work and the source of its activity. It realizes individuality. 14 But it has acted in ignorance, and inhibited the transformation of states of consciousness by mental projections and unconscious sexuality. 16 Change, for integrity appears suddenly.

17. Who understands, understands the creativity of the states of consciousness. Love assimilates secret wisdom; and there is realized a new individuality which no one comprehends save the one who receives it.

18. Knowing animates the heart state of consciousness. Integral consciousness knows with intuitive efficacy and its foundation is fluidity of thought.

19. Apprehension is its work; and its final works are greater than the first. 20 But in ignorance it allows hysteria, which pretends to insight, to mislead the personality into unconscious sexuality and mental projections. 21 Integrity permits hysteria time to change, but it does not change. 22 Integrity ends it; and all the energies debased with it integrity objectifies. 23 Integrity dissolves the ignorance; all states of consciousness shall know that integrity reveals the sexual organs and the heart. And each receives according to its works. 24 But the remaining energies of the heart, which have remained free of hysteria, integrity shall not subject to further trial. 25 That power which you possess, hold fast until integrity is realized.

26. Love will command the psyche, 27 which will be ruled with an iron will, even as integrity received of self. 28 Integrity brings discrimination. 29 Who understands, understands the creativity of the states of consciousness.

3, 1. Inspiring animates the throat state of consciousness. Integrity actualizes the seven abilities of consciousness and their seven modalities.

Love is its work, to realize individuality by loving consciously, but is dormant. 2 Awaken; cultivate what remains, which is in danger dying. 3 Be mindful how you have received and comprehended; persevere and change. If, however, being not mindful then integrity shall come suddenly.

5. Love manifests conscious sexuality and is the living expression of integrity. Individuality shall manifest self and its powers. 6 Who understands, understands the creativity of the states of consciousness.

7. Expressing animates the brow state of consciousness. Integrity is whole and is the key of love, that which opens and no power can close.

8. Thought is its work. Integrity expands awareness. The pineal retains a little power and sustained individuality. 9 In it the pretense of insight, which is illusion, is distinguished by love. 10 Because the pineal sustained individuality, it shall be free of the trial which shall come throughout the psyche to objectify its traits and functions. 11 Integrity comes quickly. Hold fast the knowledge, that nothing disrupt its command of energies.

12. Through love comes conscious sexuality, which shall not be abandoned. Integrity shall express through love the individuality of consciousness, the individuality of the integration of consciousness, the ecstasy which comes from the intuition of consciousness, and the integral self. 13 Who understands, understands the creativity of the states of consciousness.

14. Forming animates the crown state of consciousness. Integrity is the word, the true witness and origin of the thought of consciousness.

15. Absorption is the work of the pituitary, neither reason nor devotion. 16 Because it is neither devotion nor reason, it expresses 18 the light of integrity to perceive.

19 The faculties and abilities integrity corrects and objectifies. 20 Integrity waits with love and invites. Whoever comprehends and opens knows integrity and is nourished by it, and integrity by him.

21. Through love shall the personality realize its integrity as the energy body, even as integrity through love realizes self as the metastate. 22 Who understands, understands the creativity of the states of consciousness.

4, 1. The personality discerns through intuition the first ability, the objectifying power, which makes apparent what must be brought to completion.

2. The personality is absorbed. The energy body is within intuition. Self comtemplates the energy body; 3 self is the loving ability and the inspiring ability. Consciousness of the fullness is ecstasy.

4. Within the energy body are twenty-four agencies manifesting conscious sexuality. 5 And from the energy body proceed abilities; seven abilities are of the energy body, which are the seven modalities of consciousness; 6 of the energy body is inspiration and in and of the energy body are four expressions, each subjective and objective.

7. The first expression is intuition and the second expression is thinking; the third expression is feeling and the fourth expression is sensation. 8 And the four expressions actualize on six phenomenal planes. They cease not, whether tangible or intangible, expressing the wholeness of self consciousness, which is, which was, and is coming.

9. The expressions manifest the form, ideation and ecstasy of self contemplating the energy body, which is conscious throughout the aeon. 10 The four and twenty agencies serve the self which contemplates the energy body. 11 Self consciousness manifests form, ideation and ecstasy; for it is the source of all things, and for its pleasure they exist and are made manifest.

5, 1. The creativity of the self becomes embodied by the forces of the sympathetic and cerebrospinal nervous systems and the seven abilities. 2 Creativity expresses a strong ability to whomever would know the embodied psyche and release its abilities.

3. And no insight of reason, memory or action is able to comprehend the embodied psyche.

5. By an insight of intuition, integrity, the root of the personality, comprehends the psyche and releases its seven abilities. 6 In the midst of the energy body and the four expressions, and in the midst of the agencies, is intuition, which had been dormant, with seven abilities, which are the seven modalities of consciousness manifesting in the personality. 7 Integrity informs the personality by the creativity of self consciousness!

8. When integrity informs the personality, the four expressions and the four and twenty agencies serve intuition, each in their nerve connections and their chakras. 9 They manifest a new harmony. Intuition informs the psyche and comprehends its abilities; for intuition was dormant, and transforms the psyche by conscious insight of many idioms, thoughts, conceptions and images. 10 Intuition makes them self conscious; and they are controlled by the personality.

11. The personality comprehends the powers of the many states of consciousness of the energy body, and its expressions and their agencies; and this is ecstasy. 12 Intuition, which was unconscious, comprehends knowing, willing, expressing, thinking, inspiring, forming, and loving, 13 and every insight which is of intuition, of sensation, of instinct and of feelings. The energies of the root, the throat, the heart and the crown are comprehended by self that contemplates the energy body, and by integrity throughout the aeon.

14. And the four expressions, and the agencies serve and evince self consciousness.

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