I can describe my lifelong quest for wisdom and understanding as a voyage of discovery. This voyage has been just as exciting and mysterious as that of any mythological hero. For me the heroes of the classical myths represent ourselves striving toward a deeper, richer understanding of our own minds and psyches.

Joseph Campbell and his marvelous insights into mythology first drew me into the pathways of the inner world. The next important influence came from Carl Jung.

Jung's theories of the workings of the mind and the unconscious pointed me in the direction that would guide my seeking for many years. I followed a path that led me through many mysteries and also to many remarkable men and women.

Yoga, zen, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, kabala, the Gnostics (both ancient and contemporary), the Medieval mystics and ultimately tantra form some of the major landfalls on my odyssey.

I spent many years coming to the realization that my own inner truth was the hidden goal I had been seeking all along. I discovered that my lifelong interest in physics and self-discovery converged in the experience of love.

I discovered finally that beautifully life-affirming, passionate and ecstatic metaphysic that brings together in a holistic manner the seemingly disparate parts of human experience.

My journey has not yet ended, but I have reached a milestone. What I offer here is a report of work in progress. It is also a description of the most remarkable and majestic vision of human life ever proposed.

I dedicate this work to James Morgan Pryse, Alan Watts and John, whoever "he" might have been. In a very real sense, they were my formal teachers, the ones who opened my mind and stood me upon my feet. I walked away from them but I shall always revere them as the great mentors they were for me. I sincerely hope that the greatest joy they could experience is to watch a devoted student assume the mantle of maturity and responsibility to journey out on his own. I would have betrayed their trust in me to have done otherwise.

To the women I have known and loved throughout this convoluted journey I owe a very special gratitude. Their patience and support and especially the experience of their love has taught me more than anything else. I especially dedicate this work them, to Mary, Victoria, Marlene, Carol, Barbara, Regina, Johanna, Jean, Margot and Maria. I was sometimes obtuse, often stubborn and frequently childish. But I did learn from them the most valuable lessons of all. I thank them from the depths of my heart and soul.

Finally, I would like to thank Peter, Herb, Paulette, Tony, Bill, Hilda and Heather, whose comments and suggestions at various stages of this project proved invaluable.

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